Behind the Scenes: Lori's Shoes Photoshoot

I was ecstatic to model some of Lori's Shoes' new apparel and shoes this past week. Since I have hardly any experience beyond a equestrian catalog where I modeled jodhpurs and a riding jacket once as a college student, I was excited, yet nervous as I saw how many people were involved in this production. But the team at Lori's are really some of the coolest people I've met in Chicago. My boyfriend tagged along and made friends with the photographers. I thought the seven hours at the photoshoot might be his own personal hell, but he was all smiles with his Mexican beer in one hand and chips and homemade salsa in the other.
We were actually shooting at the photographer's assistant's apartment. Ed's place was decorated with vintage musical instruments, records and just a variety of interesting things to look at. It reminded me of just how boring my own place is. Even the shelves hung up in my place are still empty even though I've lived in my apartment for half a year now.
David, the photographer, was incredibly meticulous, paying special attention to every detail in his shots and made me feel really comfortable. I know how much of an Awkward Annie I can be and he was able to peel some of that away with the help of Corrie, Caroline and Jared. 
I just wanted to say thanks to the team at Lori's. I had an absolute blast! To see a few of photos, they've made their way to the Lori's Shoes homepage! I'll be posting photos from the shoot later this weekend as well! P.S., if you see anything you like that's not on sale already, you can get 20 percent off your purchase using the code, BLONDEBEDHEAD