What a great week! I finished the week by visiting my friend Jimmie who was in Michigan on tour with his band. I love listening to stories of those guys' adventures and living vicariously through their exciting, nomad lives. Every day they're in a different city, living irresponsibly and having the time of their lives. We went to the casino in Detroit and they gambled all their money away and that was that. I took no big risks and ended up losing only 5 dollars in the end. That totally describes my life. Haha.
This was Monday's outfit to work. I realized how frumpy I looked with the loose tee (took the photos on Sunday) and I swapped it out for something more fitted. Much better. I got these fabulous tights from We Love Colors. Finally, a high quality pair of tights that don't rip after one wear! I don't normally wear colored tights, but I left my comfort zone and opted for a dark reddish color. Since I wear mostly neutrals, I figured I could pick out a more exciting color for a change!
[tights c/o we love colors, skirt by american apparel, top by t by alexander wang, boots by deena & ozzy]

so cold in the d

Last Thursday I was in Detroit for the 140 Conference which is a a social media conference featuring a new speaker or panel every 10-15 minutes. And I wore this fabulous dress.

Since I've self-diagnosed myself with ADD, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to learn more about cool and innovative ways people are using social media with their projects in a short, constant changing manner. I was super pumped to learn Suze of Miss Vinyl Ahoy would be there. She brings a smile to my face and I find myself staring at her bright, red hair with envy. And to think if it weren't for blogging, she would have never befriended me at a PRSA conference months ago..

Suze was great and took a few photos of my outfit for me. I took a few more photos later on of the dress styled with a pair of platform heels and a new studded Tylie Malibu clutch I wore last night to grab a drink with a group of friends.

Photos from the day of the conference:
[dress by alice moon, purple pumps by bcbg, tights by merona]
How I wore it last night:
Outside the Fillmore, downtown Detroit with Suze trotting ahead!

Cute Magazine Alert!

I'm always keeping an eye out for new online magazines. Dujour isn't strictly an online magazine (it's available in print too, which is great because you know how I feel about print!), and it isn't new, but it does look adorable. Read the latest issue online, subscribe to the print edition here, or read the incredibly cute blog here.

grey days

I hardly wear my hair up like this anymore. This however was a typical hairstyle for me in high school and now I usually only wear it up like this if I'm cleaning my apartment or running to the grocery store. I meant to make the bun smaller here, but it's just difficult to control my big hair! Argh! I love how Kim of Eat.Sleep.Wear conquered the chic bun look and how Keiko Lynn wears her hair up as well. 

I refer to this wonderfully shoulder padded jacket as my Lady Gaga jacket. I love adding this to just a t-shirt and jeans or dress it up with a leopard print skirt. I wore it a couple times this week to work this way with the skirt worn much lower and with jeans on Saturday before I got ready for my friend Ali's wedding.

Now let's plan an I spy game-see if you can spot the lump on my forehead in the photo below. I fell off a swing in the fourth grade and that lump is proof that I'm bad ass and can survive the bloody ordeal that was me falling off a swing (and somehow managing to land face down on the wood that bordered the playground sand.)
[tank from nordstrom, jacket by bcbg, skirt by silence + noise, shoes by exhilaration, tights by merona]

Marc by Marc Jacobs Umbrella Giveaway Winner!

Thanks to designerapparel.com, the winner of the Marc by Marc Jacobs Mademoiselle Danger Mini Umbrella Giveaway, using random.org, is Shannon of Thrifty Threads. Congratulations! I will be emailing you shortly!

Hocus Pocus

When my brother saw me wearing this he said, "you look like Sarah Jessica Parker from Hocus Pocus." And looking at the photos, I kind of see that. I picked up this fur coat from Goodwill a couple weeks ago and it's my new obsession. Tufts of hair have been falling out at the back of the collar, but thankfully my own head of fur conceals it.
I also have been playing with lipstick, which I think adds to the Hocus Pocus look. I finally feel as if I'm at the age where I can wear it. Which just seems strange to me. I'll be 25 years old in a couple months.  I've been pretty independent since I sailed ship six years ago and went off to college. I've been making adult decisions, paying for my own everything through college and now paying off student loans, living on my own and working. Yet, the action of wearing lipstick makes me feel old. Ha! Need to get over it, because this lipstick-wearing business is fun. Share with me your favorite shade!
[wedges by aldo, fur coat thrifted, long tee by f21, bag-turned clutch by rebecca minkoff]

a routine malaise

Threadsence sent me this Nature Shearling flannel and it might be the best thing I've ever worn. I wore it more as a jacket here on a chilly day over the weekend to meet up with Tieka and visit my mom, who made me promise I'd pass it on to her. And I also just picked up this Rebecca Minkoff bag a couple weeks ago when I was shopping in Detroit. What I enjoy about this bag is it's versatility. I can unsnap the strap and use it as a clutch and wear with a dressy outfit or wear it with a flannel.
[top c/o threadsence, jeans by bdg, lace up wedges c/o modcloth, bag by rebecca minkoff, tee by f21]
And I wore the shirt again a couple days later on Sunday to Uncle John's Cider Mill with my friend, Becky. This time, I kept it buttoned and added a thin brown belt and wore a pair of flat oxfords as I navigated through the barn for donuts and caramel apples and wandered the orchards.


Marc by Marc Jacobs Umbrella Giveaway!

I want this. I need this. (I really do because I lost all my umbrellas.) But, it's here for one of you, my fabulous readers! Thanks to the online shop designerapparel.com, where you can find labels from Tory Burch to Ralph Lauren or smaller brands such as Joan Vass, you can enter to win and potentially tote around the Marc by Marc Jacobs Mademoiselle Danger mini umbrella. Please be sure to check out the site and their sister site, myperfectsale.com, where exclusive sales are offered. 

The giveaway is open to U.S. and Canadian readers. The giveaway will end on Sunday, October 24 at 10 p.m. EST. Just leave your email address to enter!


carry me home

I wore this to work on Wednesday with a flat boot. I hate to admit it, but my feet were killing me in the platform heels I stupidly chose to wear during an all day event I planned this past Tuesday. I was left with no other choice but to let my feets rest the following day. After work, I headed back to my hometown and attended a wine tasting event/fundraiser. My friend Kyle (who dates the lovely Haley from my last post) had an extra ticket so I went with him and his mom. 
Hanging out with Kyle and his mom brings me back to high school and I feel young again. Kyle told his mom on me for texting him while driving and when Kyle's mom asked, "What were you doing reading her texts?" Without hesitation, he responds, "I thought you were calling me, Mom." Later, Kyle says "Mom, I think Andrea and I will be the youngest philanthropists there." Let me note we didn't pay for our own tickets and took advantage of free wine and food. We were, however, the youngest moochers there.
[dress by h&m, leggings by rachel rachel roy, boots by steve madden]

Thanks, mom for taking my photos!
P.S. Check out my new blog design and layout! Thank you, Tieka!

a visit from Haley

Now that Haley works full time an hour away (as a packaging engineer!) from me, I don't get to see her as often. But she graced me with her presence on Monday! Our plan was to originally do outdoor shots, but I didn't get out of work until 7 and by then, it was too dark to photograph her outside. Instead, I set up my beginner lighting kit in my apartment and played around with it and was quite thankful for Haley's patience.


[sweater by f21, shorts from anthropologie, tank from express, vintage necklace and shoes by all black]

Shop My Closet!

Shoot me an email if you're interested! kerbuski@gmail.com
Grey leather jacket by For Joseph, size extra small, $60+ shipping (another photo here)
Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses, $30+ shipping (wearing them in photo above)
BCBG black leather cross body, $75+ shipping
Dress by Kimchi Blue, size 0, $25+ shipping

Young Love

I decided long ago that when I grew up and made my millions (as an English/Creative Writing major, laugh all you want), I would buy a single expensive handbag. I would use that handbag forever, thus justifying it's ludicrous price tag. In a previous life, this handbag would be a Balenciaga City motorcycle bag, which I fell in love with after realizing that the cheap bag I carried til it fell apart was a knockoff of the $1,445 original. (On a side note, will you look at what I'm wearing in the post I linked to from "cheap bag"? Things have changed so much - including my style - and yet I'm still wearing those same over-the-knee socks.) Anyway, the realization that my beloved, yet sadly shredded/disintegrated bag, was available in long-lasting buttery leather was enough for me. My desire for the Balenciaga bag was born.

This love, as I mentioned was in a previous life. I have transferred my affections to something a little more special, something not cradled on the arms of countless Hollywood celebrities.

My new dream bag is $567 - still something to buy after I make my fortune - and made of supple (I imagine) black leather. The hardware is gold. There are buckles, zippers, and several pockets. There is an option to wear it over the shoulder or across the body. My new dream bag is...


The Eva/Harris bag by CC Skye. And it is glorious.

Ain't she jes' a bewt?

Ah, to be young and in love!

sheer fun

I felt a combination of sass and complete comfort in this outfit. I went shopping earlier in the week and tried to buy more colorful clothes, but of course I gravitated towards black and bought the black sheer top. I imagine myself wearing this a variety of ways, so I can guarantee you'll see it a couple more times. Not as many times as you've witnessed these boots though! Hehe!

I'll be off to Detroit for the night once I'm out of work. I'm super pumped because A.) I love detroit. It's awesome and B.) I get to see my fabulous friend, Erin and go shopping. My friend Travis reluctantly handed over his credit card to me so I can do his clothing shopping for him when I head to Detroit. God help me, I need to get him some semblance of a personal style. Ladies, what do you like seeing guys dressed in?
[top and scarf by american apparel, faux leather leggings by rachel rachel roy, boots by jeffrey campbell, watch by armani borrowed from friend]

Photos by the amazing, Becky Johns

Blogger of the Moment: eat.sleep.wear

I've mentioned Kim of eat.sleep.wear plenty of times in posts. We met in New York City last February for fashion week and we instantly bonded. I love her! No one really compares to her. She is so incredibly positive, a great friend and beyond gorgeous. She's the package deal. I love reading her posts because there's always so much enthusiasm and sass in her writing, plus her boyfriend, Brian takes amazing photos of her. She has such a great style that I can relate to (and I'm sure you will adore her and her style too!) I'm glad to announce eat.sleep.wear as my next Blogger of the Moment. Please read her interview below!

Kimberly Pesch
The City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia PA
Im blushing. 26. But October is my bday month so I will be 27 on October 24th!! 
How long have you been blogging?
I have been blogging since November 2009! So a little under a year J So funny because I feel like I have been doing this forever!

What prompted you to start a fashion blog?
I love the idea of being involved in a community of girls and guys that are sharing their daily outfits and explorations. It’s the real people on the streets that really bring clothes to life and I love to be able to share that with anyone that’s willing
to listen.

How would you describe your style?
I would describe my style as Modern Classic mixed with a little bit of Rock and Roll. I tend to dress based on my mood and one day it could be girly, and the next edgy. One day SASSY and another day casual.
I love bloggers who also have a career like you, my sweet dear kim! Can you explain in more detail what you do for a living? How does this play into your style?
Ahhh. The day job! I am a full time graphic designer at a Agency in center city Philadelphia. Right now I am doing a lot of designing for web, but also LOVE to design print pieces. My favorite thing to do is brand identities. To be able to brand a business, place, person is something really unique! It really gets your brain moving starting with concepting, sketching and then eventually creating logos, brochure, websites, signage etc. I am an artist and always have been. That being said, a lot of the design I love is traditional swiss based design (look it up kids, because its freaking awesome and beautiful) It’s always very simple and clean and I would definitely relate that to how I dress. I definitely have a modern feel to the way I dress myself and sometimes, the simpler the better. Focus on one piece that I want to be the star and keep everything else simple.

What would be your dream job?
AHHHH your making me pick! I would have a few things on my list. When I was picking majors for college, it was between fine art and acting. I definitely miss the thrill of performance and being on stage. It is such a RUSH! So acting is definitely omething that will always be on my list. Also, I have always wanted to be a makeup artist. Who doesn’t love playing with colors and paint faces?? I would also love to have my own design business and be able to work with clients who inspire me. Being able to marry my love of fashion and design would be a huge win for me.

What designers/fellow bloggers/etc inspire you?
This is an easy one. YOU!!!! I really think that our styles have a lot of similarities. And our love of looks rooted in simplicity and form are something that bond us together. Other bloggers that inspire me on a daily basis would be Sterling Style, MyStylePill, High Street Cardigans, What I Wore, and Keiko Lynn to name a few. I love that I am able to interact with other bloggers, and bounce ideas around in cyberspace and even in real life!
Some designers that I of course lust over include Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, DKNY the list goes on and on and on. HAHAHA.

What are some of your hobbies besides blogging?
NOM NOM FOOD. My boyfriend and I are very into cooking and enjoying food. Taking that time to sit together, chat, eat, and enjoy is something we hold in high regard. I think that people forget to slow down sometimes. NOT ME.Can I call the beach a hobby? Well, lets say it this way, I do love getting out of the city and enjoying the natural world. Whether that be down the shore taking an evening beach stroll, or taking a hike in a nature preserve. I love time spend outside. Another hobby I have is Scrabble. I know, im 26. It’s ok people. Scrabble makes you smart right?? Well, I might be the world’s worst speller but I love playing scrabble. Or any other board game for that matter. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE photography. Blogging allows me to have a great excuse to be playing with my cameras constantly. Such a great way to capture beautiful things in this world.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
5 years huh? HMMM!!!! I see myself married to my lovah Brian who is an amazing inspiration to me (and a GREAT artist), exploring different cities, and hopefully evolving in the blogging world. I’m just excited to see what the future holds for me! Watch out world, this 20 something girl is ready to GO! Xo, Kim