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A Day Walk in Night Walks

I had been pining for these Jeffrey Campbell Night Walk shoes from Lori's for weeks and finally, they are in my possession!  People have asked, "Dear God, how do you walk in those?" And my reply has been quite simply, it's magic. They're designed to be walkable. I even hopped a low fence in these and skipped through puddles for these photos. I had a mini race with someone at work to prove to them they are both awesome and functional, which brings to me to where I wore them this week: work.
I work at an advertising agency where people are more than welcome to express themselves in any way possible whether it's funky blue tights or a Miller Lite logo button up, people wear anything and everything. I thought the best way to balance these shoes for work would be through a camel colored pant and a thick grey turtleneck--very neutral and unassuming.

[top from Zara, pants and cuff from Forever 21, shoes c/o Lori's Shoes, jacket by BCBG, ring from Banana Rebublic, glasses from Warby Parker, leather bracelet c/o the Brooklyn Bakery, beaded bracelet c/o 31 Bits]
Photos by Becky Johns

Photo of the Day: San Francisco Streets


The lovers, the dreamers, and me.

Wow, it's getting mighty chilly! It's supposed to snow today. Probably no big news to many of you, but I've only been in the snow once...last this is very exciting for me and my whole family (we know it'll basically just be dirty slush but we're excited anyway)!

Some days I have super powers to will away being cold so I can wear what I want. Most of the time I am unreasonably cold but on days like this when I just really want to wear a sheer blouse and tights, Gabe is shivering in a fuzzy coat and I am simply impervious to the chill!

It's not even December but I am enveloped in Christmas joy. I love that the season has been extended by so long. I know the point is for companies to make more money, but it's more fun all the same!

I still love collared blouses and pleated skirts.

Skirt: Fancy Treehouse
Blouse: c/o Romwe
Shoes: Rachel Comey
Bag: Vintage
Rings: c/o Jewelmint



Etsy Update: Neutrals, Pt. 2






Photo of the Day: Beside Marine One


Jacqueline Kennedy's Asian Journey

It is so exciting to finally see this feature in its entire length! For those visitors in the Boston area, make sure you visit the JFK Library where you will be able to see some of Jackie's dresses, the original film poster and gifts from the India visit on display.


Home. It's always been a somewhat awkward place for me to return to for the holidays. My values and worldview are so drastically different from everyone else in my family, but it's always good to see them and catch up. 
I wore a pretty little pink dress on Thanksgiving, but I would have fit in more if I wore my lumberjack look from the previous week. I've had a hard time styling this dress since it's shrunk in length so much, but I figured I could squeeze one more wear out of it at a family holiday function. I added black boots to make my Thanksgiving look a little more casual. What do you like to wear for holiday family functions?
[dress and cuff from Forever 21, cape c/o Marshalls, hat by Deena and Ozzy, boots c/o MIA Shoes, ring by Banana Republic]

Basketball with the Obamas

The President and First Lady attended the Oregon Beavers vs. the Towson Tigers in Baltimore on Saturday. Mrs Obama's brother, Craig is the Head Coach of the Beavers, and she wore an orange heart jumper from J Crew in their honour. Black jeans, sparkly Converse and a black jacket completed the look.

Photo of the Day: Airport Chic


Life's a piece of pie!

Hello hello!
This is me wearing jeans. It's maybe a once a month occurrence simply because skirts and dresses are so much more comfortable.

Also, this is now my Kermit jacket because I am now obsessed with the's Jason Segel's fault. What a wonderful movie. If you believe in things and you believe in people in general...and you like music...I'm sure you liked "The Muppets". Wonderfully optimistic. Go away cynics!

Also, have you heard Rivers Cuomo singing "Rainbow Connection?". It's precious.

Also, Jim Henson was a precious man.

We got our Christmas tree today. I did not grow up with a live tree at Christmas so I'm not accustomed to it. It makes Gabe so happy to have a real tree that I make the sacrifice of not having it look perfect and having needles all over the floor (I am a Virgo, afterall). He does a lot for me so it's a drop in the bucket. :)

Sweater: Fancy Treehouse
Hat & cape: c/o Romwe
Boots: c/o Swedish Hasbeens

There's nothing that you can't do,


Tweed Run


I would love to one day witness (or perhaps participate in!) the Rugby Ralph Lauren's Tweed Run in New York City. Or better yet, in London! It seems like it would be so much fun to be surrounded by so many well dressed ladies and dapper gentlemen.


The White House: November 2011

The President, First Lady, Vice President and Dr Biden participate at the opening ceremony for the Martin Luther King Memorial

President Obama tours the MLK Memorial

Michelle Obama meets USO honourees and their families

Dr Biden tours the Inova Breast Cancer Care Center in Alexandria, VA

Vice President Biden greets a trumpet player in Janelle Monae's band

Michelle Obama tends to the White House Kitchen Garden with students from Bancroft and Tubman Elementary Schools

White House and ABC staff watch President Obama's interview with George Stephanopoulos

The White House
President Obama makes a Thanksgiving call to serving military members