A Day Walk in Night Walks

I had been pining for these Jeffrey Campbell Night Walk shoes from Lori's for weeks and finally, they are in my possession!  People have asked, "Dear God, how do you walk in those?" And my reply has been quite simply, it's magic. They're designed to be walkable. I even hopped a low fence in these and skipped through puddles for these photos. I had a mini race with someone at work to prove to them they are both awesome and functional, which brings to me to where I wore them this week: work.
I work at an advertising agency where people are more than welcome to express themselves in any way possible whether it's funky blue tights or a Miller Lite logo button up, people wear anything and everything. I thought the best way to balance these shoes for work would be through a camel colored pant and a thick grey turtleneck--very neutral and unassuming.

[top from Zara, pants and cuff from Forever 21, shoes c/o Lori's Shoes, jacket by BCBG, ring from Banana Rebublic, glasses from Warby Parker, leather bracelet c/o the Brooklyn Bakery, beaded bracelet c/o 31 Bits]
Photos by Becky Johns