Meeting Eugenia Kim

I was ecstatic to meet Eugenia Kim last weekend at p45 and was delighted to see Emma of Tres Awesome (who took the photo above) and Audrey of A Lovely Escape already there.  It was a mini blogger meet up!
The three of us had a couple minutes to talk to Eugenia about her start in fashion. And it's definitely an interesting story. She was going to school at Parsons where she was currently taking a millinery class and working at Allure Magazine. After a bad hair cut, she designed a hat to cover her shaved head and it didn't take long for New York City boutiques to inquire about her hat and her business started and grew exponentially from there! I asked her who she was most excited to see wear her hat or buy her hats and while she doesn't seem to care too much about celebrity, she was thrilled when Jennifer Lopez sported her hat and when Madonna ordered 25! 
We played dress up with her hats and I really loved the red hat in the photo above. I also loved the leopard print berets, which I'm adding to my wish list.