electric blue

Wow, 2010 has been good to me so far. I've been kept busy with so many exciting things! Seeing Nate Ruess' new band, Fun. was absolutely amazing. Haley and I waited in line outside for a half hour to get inside. We naively assumed the venue wouldn't be packed and we couldn't have been more wrong. Tons of people. Tons o fans of the Format and now of Fun. It felt more like a sing-a-long rather than listening to someone perform. The crap drive to Ann Arbor, the wait in the blizzard conditions and the sweatiness I experienced was all worth experiencing Nate Ruess' passion again.

My Friday work day was also fun. About four times I year I coordinate something called a Tech Tour where we take college IT students around on a bus to different IT companies with super cool, laid back cultures and then take the students to tour a cool housing option in the Lansing area. I pretty much experience the Tech Tour just as a student would except that I'm freaking out about timing and schedules--we have a tight time schedule to adhere to! I went to my first MSU hockey game too and was in good company.

I bought these shoes last week and I think they will make their debut to the Lansing crowd tonight at the Addy Awards Gala. I need some pop of color in my outfits and these pair of boots spice up my simple black dress.
[black dress by american apparel, belt thrifted, tights by anne klein and blue wedges by jeffrey campbell]

From the Fun. show:
The jumping bassist is from Grand Rapids and met his roomies that came to support him. They dressed in plaid and were awesome.

all business

I woke up super early to attend the Lansing Breakfast Club at the Impression 5 Science Center to eat food and make slime before work. While it was worth getting up early, seeing friends and meeting new people, I'm now feeling quite exhausted. I have such a busy week this week! It's all fun though.. I'm participating in an advanced photoshop workshop and then I go to see the band Fun. in Ann Arbor, Mich. with Haley! She raided my closet and now we both have our loose fitting outfits selected to wear and dance in while Nate Ruess serenades us.

I purchased this skirt back in December to go with this vintage top I bought back in November and was waiting for the perfect event to debut it. Since I was attending an event today to hear presentations from the governor candidates with a bunch of old white guys, I thought this would be quite fitting. It's not often I wear a pencil skirt, but I like the geometric details on it and since it's grey, it will go with just about anything.
[vintage blouse by valentino, skirt by silence + noise, oxford heels by ciao bella, purse by marc jacobs]
And my friend just released his EP yesterday on itunes. I'm super pumped for him and super pumped to see more and more of the photos I took be used for his promotional stuff. Yay!

from the weekend

This weekend was fabulous. The highlight was shaving my friend Tom's back on Saturday. I'm not sure why I find it so entertaining for myself. Perhaps it's because it's slightly reminiscent of my horse showing days where I would trim my horse for show or maybe I just have a twisted sense of fun. Probably the latter. He threw a Jersey Shore themed party in celebration of his birthday and with the tight graphic muscle tee, he thought he might look more convincing if he looked less like a werewolf. I stopped over at Tom's early to get some photos of him. I'll be posting some of those ridiculous photos below.

Also in exciting news, I'm going to Philadelphia April 1-4 to visit Kim and Melissa from Crowded Closet. Kim lives in Philly and Melissa lives in NYC. But she will be making a special trip to town so we can be reunited! I'm counting down the days...

I just bought this tee from H & M. I had to run to Ann Arbor on Thursday with Haley to pick up our tickets to see Fun. and figured since I was in the vicinity of some good malls, why not make a stop?

[tee by h & m, socks from target, boots by steve madden, handbag by kooba borrowed from friend, sunglasses by marc by marc jacobs]

Before Tom's Jersey Shore makeover:
And After. Tom's goal was to look like Pauly D...I think he succeeded.
This kills me...hahaha
My friend, Matt trying to pull off the Situation..
Serious pose time with Tom
Haley and Kyle

Love my friends.

Also, if anyone has any questions, feel free to email me! I notice some of you post questions, but don't have a public blog where I can comment back to answer. Email me at kerbuski@gmail.com or leave me your email. I'm also on twitter!

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Thank you Mel for featuring me!

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sunshine friday

I got this cropped jacket for NYC and I ended up not wearing it. I'm really digging this outfit though, despite another hearty chuckle from my boss lady, Kate, at work today.

I spent this afternoon attending a speed networking event at Michigan State University. Sort of like speed dating, but for people to meet potential employers. I don't quite yet feel old enough to be on the other side of the table considering I meet so many grad students my age and I've only been out of undergrad for two years. I also met people who have more experience than me working on their masters asking me for advice. I was thinking, dude, you should give me some advice. I met a ton of IT students that I'm going to recruit to participate in our Tech Tour next week and I did meet some students who would make great interns. I just don't like losing the ones I have. I love my interns. Naomi and Becky, you hear me! Never leave!

This tee is the most versatile shirt I own and I wear it at least a couple times a week..under a hoodie or more dressed up like today. I love you, Alexander Wang.
[tee by t by alexander wang, bag by marc by marc jacobs, cropped striped jacket by lucca couture, faux leather leggings by rachel rachel roy, wedges by aldo, bracelets from urban outfitters]
My dirty shoes! I like the zipper that are on these leggings--fun little detail!

This week went by SO fast. Time to get ready for dinner and drinks! Have a lovely weekend!

paint it black

Chictopia10 After Party at the Tribeca Grand was a lot of fun despite not my initial annoyances..ie rude staff. Danced with my girl, Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky and the fabulous ladies of Crowded Closet. NBC New York covered it here and the first photo shows a girl that just loved me for some reason and I feel cool by association now. Had a blast and left early in search of food. Elizabeth and I settled on a sketch place next to our hotel. Tieka passed on this potential opportunity for food poison and so just Elizabeth and I wolfed down fried rice.
Couple photos before heading out..
[dress by kensie, tights by american apparel, wedge boots by aldo]
Photo courtesy of Emily of the Daily Fashionista!
Photo stolen from Tieka who is with Christina, Mel and Emily
I took a couple extra photos of the dress today. First using only available lighting.
Then added bounce flash.
Loved the zipper detail on the dress.

Phew. Today was a busy day and although I feel like I'm now going to pass out, I'm glad I stayed up to update this! I got to work this morning at 6 a.m. to get ready for our bimonthly legislative breakfast and then I had to rush to my next stop to photograph a couple more individuals for the print/billboard ads we've been working on. I then photographed an event that afternoon and concluded my workday volunteering at an FFA event. So sleepy! Good night all!

Yay and just noticed I'm on Weardrobe's homepage. Thanks Weardrobe!

Saturday's Festivities in NYC

Saturday was another fun and fashion filled adventure. After finally flagging down a cab, Elizabeth, Tieka and I headed to Frankies to meet up with a few more fab bloggers. This is where I experienced the best breakfast sandwich in the world. I consider myself somewhat of a breakfast sandwich connoisseur and this one topped them all. It was worth the ten dollars I spent on it.
Christina of Second Skin and Jen of JenLovesKev
To pass some time before the Chictopia10 summit began, we wandered to a candy store (thanks to Nikki of Wild as a Mink for the great idea!) Despite feeling claustrophobic and overwhelmed with people, I purchased some candy for me to snack on at the conference. I always need a snack. On the way to the summit, Mel of idée géniale hailed the cab. I got to see a real New Yorker in action! She was aggressive, stepped into the street and got us one! Mel works for Kensie and I kept asking her a thousand questions about it. Thanks Mel for your patience with me!
Julie of Orchid Grey
Tieka in the candy store! Nom nom nom!

I photographed the Christina, Mel, Tieka and Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky. These girls are gorgeous. Check out their blogs to see their photos! And had Tieka snap a few quick ones of me. It's interesting because I wouldn't feel comfortable standing in downtown Lansing having someone snap photos of me and it seemed like a natural thing to do in NYC and as the people passed, they didn't stop and gawk--they just continued on their way. I even pointed the lens at a man with some hot Clive Owen features and he just smiled nonchalantly and continued on his way! If I photographed a random dude in Lansing he would demand to know who I worked for and where the photo would be published.
Hi there...
[tank top dress by t by alexander wang, cardigan by barneys co op, tights by american apparel, scarf by moda, boots by steve madden, necklace from urban outfitters]

I was going for a loose, layered look. I wanted to be super comfortable and warm for sitting all day.
Outside of the tents at Bryant Park
Elizabeth had an extra ticket to see the Academy of Art show during New York Fashion Week at Bryant Park and she invited me along. This was surreal. I was actually inside, photographing the models from my seat. I was so inspired by a couple of the collections with their neutral colors and minimalist style.
I'm on the runway!
After a couple wrong turns on the subway, Elizabeth and I ended up back at the conference. It was interesting to see so many bloggers such as Sea of Shoes and Late Afternoon in the same room! Love their style. I wasn't so impressed with the conference itself. There were technical difficulties and it seemed very disorganized. IT was the wrong venue to host a conference at and I hope they realized that. I would be more than happy to volunteer my time next year to make it run smoothly. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to event planning--they could use my skills. We did get to view collections of a few up-and-coming designers. Seeing male models was definitely a redeeming quality of the conference.
I'm certain he caught me drooling over him after the conference.