I've featured one of my close friends Haley here before and with her cute sense of style, you can anticipate more photos of her in the future. She was my roommate during my senior in college and our closets doubled in size that year. It was amazing. I miss her clothes and I love when she comes over and she just stands in front of my closet staring. Too bad we don't have the same shoe size. She loves these adorable, doll-like shoes and she's got feet the size of a doll as well so I can't squeeze my size 9 foot in any of her shoes. She tried on a pair of my shoes yesterday and she looked like she had clown feet. It then dawned me that we're almost the same height and that I must look like a freak show with my big ol' feet.
[tee by f21, shorts from anthropologie, tights from the limited, shoes by all black]
Haley and a group of close friends got dinner and drinks last night in East Lansing to celebrate my old age. I danced danced danced! And today, I'm officially 24. I celebrated today by grabbing lunch with my friends, Tom and Matt and working on homework. So much homework. It's cramping my style.