the cove.

wiley wears:

top: f21
skirt: american apparel
hat: uo
sandals: jeffrey campbell
     over the weekend jeb and i headed to manchester-by-the-sea for a graduation party turned engagement party.  we love heading to the cove and had a great day out in the sunshine.  the day started out quite cool, but warmed up just as we got to the party.  i went for casual comfort with a black cotton skirt and printed tank.  my panama hat has been a staple so far this spring and summer, and it was perfect to keep the sun off of my face and shoulders.
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More to Come!

I had so much fun this weekend, I'm exhausted! Here are a few fun photos from my weekend with Veronika of Tick Tock Vintage and Tieka of Selective Potential. We were the trio of fun, toilet humor and potty mouth language. It really doesn't get much better than spending a couple days with these crazy betches. I'll be posting a ton more throughout the week! Miss you guys already!
Photo by Emily of Sartoriography

happy memorial day.

wiley wears:

dress: h&m
sunnies: uo
     i hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend.  jeb and i had one for the books.  on friday night we drove to new hampshire, saturday we headed to manchester for the engagement of two of our dear friends, and then back to new hampshire for the rest of the weekend.  we spent the entire three days relaxing with people we love.  i have to admit, i'm looking forward to a weekend at home coming up.  it feels like forever since i've been here for more than a few days at a time.
     while i'm not a big fan of the heat, it does make getting dressed easy.  at the beach this means throwing on an easy dress and calling it a day.  this red, white and blue polka dotted number was perfect to get me into the patriotic spirit.
happy memorial day!!

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FBFF Questions: Hair Care

1.      Do you go to the same stylist each time, try someone new, go to the cheap hair cutting chains or live it up in a salon? 

I typically go to the same person. When I lived in Michigan, I went to the same colorist for three years and the same person cut it for a year. When I moved to Chicago, I've been exploring and trying new things. I like to find someone I like and trust and stick with them. I get so much anxiety when I don't know if I trust the person or not. I've been doing a lot of research to find the best people to cut and color my hair and I really like the colorist who got me this fun red color. I'll be going back to her!

2.      Do you color your hair? How often? What’s your natural color? 

My natural hair color is ashy, mousy blonde. Almost just looks grey, so with my course curly hair, I like to color it to keep it from looking dull. I'm not sure how often I will be coloring this new hair, probably every 4-6 weeks. When my hair was blonde, I scheduled appointments between 6-7 weeks a part.

3.      The one thing you always do to keep your hair looking great is:  I don't blowdry my hair. Actually, I don't do a lot with heat products. I add gel and let it air dry and I don't wash it often since my hair is so dry.
4.      What hair trend do you love and wish you could rock? 4Shit, I wish I could pull off bangs. I would love a dark, sleek hair color and cut with blunt bangs. Or a platinum color like Gwen Stefani.
To check out more answers to these, check Modly Chic!

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Romp Around

This is what I'm wearing today! We have an event for work tonight so I'm decked out in pieces I picked out from Kie&Kate. I've gotta look sassy for all the picture taking I'll be doing! It will be day two of event photography. Last night, I photographed the Skyline Awards for PRSA Chicago where I photographed people like David Axelrod, President Obama's senior advisor. I was photo stalking him, which he probably thought was creepy, but I had to deliver for PRSA! As they announced winners for awards I was blown away by the accounts these agencies have. Even though Chicago is big, I forget it's a big city where PR professionals work on Mcdonald's or Burger King accounts. Needless to say, I was impressed.
I had been eyeing this cute romper since I started at Kie&Kate and finally decided I needed it in my wardrobe. I paired with a cream bag that can be used as a clutch, fun wedges and gold accessories! In addition to being excited about this outfit, I'm even more thrilled for Veronika of Tick Tock Vintage to visit! I met her in person in December and I just adore her AND Tieka is visiting too! Veronika gets in town today and Tieka comes tomorrow. We're going to the Randolph Street Market Memorial Weekend Opener on Saturday and then I head to Michigan for the rest of the weekend to unwind.
[romper by veronica m, shoes c/o wanted, accessories and bag from kie&kate]
I'm obsessed with this bracelet and my pink nail polish!

the polka dot.

wiley wears:

top: f21
necklace: anthropologie
trousers: madewell
flats: thom browne
     i do love my polka dots and when i saw this top i could not say no to giant black polka dots.  black and white with a bit of red lipstick is probably one of my very favorite combinations.  with classic color combinations you can have more fun with patterns, prints and textures.  i layered on a black statement necklace that seemed to perfectly match my polka dots.
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bright spot.

wiley wears:

dress: j.crew
scarf: f21
cardigan: j.crew
belt: vintage
wedges: uo
     today's outfit turned out perfectly for the bright spot of weather that came through boston.  sunny skies and eighty degrees made it feel like summer is actually arriving.  just on time, considering it's almost june.  i found this spring scarf at f21 this weekend and loved the bright tribal pattern.  i've been drawn to patterns like this lately, and this seemed like a great addition to my spring wardrobe.  accessories are the easiest way to make changes to your wardrobe from one season to the next.  i prove this fact here, where i've paired two staple pieces in my wardrobe, my navy dress and yellow cardigan,  with the scarf to make the outfit look brand new.  i've worn scarves this way a few times in the past, but this scarf seems absolutely perfect for layering over a dress and under a belt.  the scarf is so thin and extra long.  i highly recommend you check out the spring scarves at f21.  good stuff.

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How I styled a Boy Meets Girl tee last week:

the man cardigan.

wiley wears:

tee: target
cardigan: target
necklace: anthropologie
jeans: levis
flats: jeffrey campbell
     this is an after work outfit.  jeb and i headed to the north shore to see our friend's senior art show.  after a day spent in a pencil skirt and button up, nothing seemed more appropriate than an oversized tee, sweatshirt cardigan and comfy jeans.  i wanted to make my outfit look a little more put-together, so i added my silver beaded anthropologie necklace, suede eyelet flats and pale pink lipstick.
     the cardigan is kind of a funny story.  i love a man in a fitted cardigan, but jeb doesn't quite get my obsession with these so-called 'man cardigans.'  through the fall and winter i constantly picked them up on shopping trips trying to persuade him to just give one a try.  time and time again i was turned down.  flashback to a few weeks ago when i found myself in the men's section at target to grab some white tees and i happen to see a whole slew of man cardigans on the super clearance rack.  i thought jeb would love's one of his favorite colors, made of sweatshirt material, and only five dollars.  i made an impulse purchase, vowing that i, myself, would wear it if jeb didn't like it.  he tried it on, said it wasn't his thing and i quickly added it to my own wardrobe, because it's really comfortable and i love myself a cardigan.  (this weekend at the lake jeb was cold.  he quickly asked for the cardigan because it was right there.  and he looked damn good in it.)


This weekend I spent half the time dressed in a dirty shirt and jeans while watching the League Friday night with friends and going to the White Sox game on Saturday. But when the weather improved on Sunday, I actually took the time to style an outfit, which many a tow truck man seemed to enjoy. One of my friends, Melissa (the pretty gal above with me), came to visit my friend Courtney and I this weekend from Boston. Like Courtney, we've been friends since we were very young and it was so great to see her! It's been almost three years since I saw her last and I love that things can pick up where they left off.
Since I knew Sunday we'd be stuffing our faces with a buffet and unlimited mimosas at State on Sunday, I chose to wear a loose top over my high waist pants to conceal the food baby I'd surely walk out of there with. We spent the day being little gluttons followed by a lot of walking the sweltering heat which left me feeling sick by the end of the day, but so much fun and worth it.
[top from h&m, shorts from uo, wedges c/o wanted, hat by ninewest, jewelry from kie&kate, bag by rebecca minkoff]
Friends! Courtney (who took my photos), Kathleen and Melissa


wiley wears:

dress: f21
top: old navy
jacket: j.crew
flower: on loan from caroline
belt: uo
shoes: sperry topsiders
     we had the most wonderful weekend away.  the lake is such a peaceful place and we had a blast just sitting on the dock, grilling out and possibly playing a heated dvd version of the newlywed game.  on saturday morning we drove from the beach to the lake, so i wanted to wear something comfortable and wrinkle-free.  this black maxi dress made for the perfect traveling piece and turned out to be a great dock-sitting outift as well.

the last weekend?

jeb and i are off to spend our weekend on the water in new hampshire.  tonight we'll spend the evening at the beach with jeb's family and early tomorrow head to lake winnipesaukee to spend the rest of the weekend with two of our dearest friends.  if the world really ends tomorrow, i'll be glad that the last thing i see is the gorgeous lake.  one of my favorite places in the world.

wily wiley reads.

the hunger games by suzanne collins :: oh my, how do i start here?  do i maybe have an affinity towards young adult fiction?  the answer is yes.  if it's meant for an eighth grader than i will most likely fall deeply in love with it.  after harry potter and twilight i knew i needed a new fix.  the hunger games were the answer to my prayers.  thrown into a futuristic world, the hunger games introduces you to an amazing cast of characters.  katniss, peeta and gale will be the new bella, edward and jacob in no time.  i am warning you that you will need to buy all three at once and you won't be able to put any of them down.  the hunger games gives you a perfect opportunity to get to know the storyline and characters...which you will need throughout your journey through this series.

chasing fire by suzanne collins :: this is a continuation of my above pseudo-review.  really i just want you all to go out and buy these books so we can all go see the movies together next year.  i don't want to give anything away, so i have to stop typing about this...before i start blabbing.

the help by kathryn stockett :: this book deserves every ounce of credit it has been given.  i could not put this book down.  the characters are so deeply written and having skeeter as the story's protagonist only helped me in forging my connection to the book.  skeeter is such an honest woman who is dealing with all of the things girls of that time, and today, have to face.  the novel discusses some of the most difficult parts of segregation, but by giving the characters around the dilemma voices and ideas, the reader is able to gauge his or her own feelings on right and wrong.  i thought it was a beautiful story of love, growing up and standing up for what you believe in.  please go pick this one up.  i'll bet you a dollar you'll love it!

another bullshit night in suck city by nick flynn ::  another recommendation from lin.  this one was such a winner.  nick flynn is so honest, like someone you met in college.  he tells the story of his life and the current disconnect he feels from his father.  with a lot of information on homelessness and homeless shelters, i found it to be informative.  it is only through the combination of this information and a son's story of his homeless father that the book begins to make sense.  i feel so jumbled in my feelings on this book.  the struggles that nick feels often brought up a pain that hit close to home, but i loved the book.  nick flynn is a genious.  read this...mostly if you live in boston.

now that i've given you an update on what i've been reading,  i would love to hear what you've been reading.  summer is coming and i will need at least a book a week, so there is some pressure here, my friends.  i'm currently reading steve martin's born standing up, but don't have anything else on the bookshelf for the next read.  please please please give me your recommendations.

thanks, loves!