This weekend I spent half the time dressed in a dirty shirt and jeans while watching the League Friday night with friends and going to the White Sox game on Saturday. But when the weather improved on Sunday, I actually took the time to style an outfit, which many a tow truck man seemed to enjoy. One of my friends, Melissa (the pretty gal above with me), came to visit my friend Courtney and I this weekend from Boston. Like Courtney, we've been friends since we were very young and it was so great to see her! It's been almost three years since I saw her last and I love that things can pick up where they left off.
Since I knew Sunday we'd be stuffing our faces with a buffet and unlimited mimosas at State on Sunday, I chose to wear a loose top over my high waist pants to conceal the food baby I'd surely walk out of there with. We spent the day being little gluttons followed by a lot of walking the sweltering heat which left me feeling sick by the end of the day, but so much fun and worth it.
[top from h&m, shorts from uo, wedges c/o wanted, hat by ninewest, jewelry from kie&kate, bag by rebecca minkoff]
Friends! Courtney (who took my photos), Kathleen and Melissa