Channeling Peg Bundy

With big, red hair and leopard, I felt very Peg Bundy, ha! I picked up these pretty little leopard print shorts from H&M. I think I now own every item of clothing in a leopard print, actually, I just need some leopard pants. I also never really wore cream tops before, but I feel like it's something that goes well with red hair, so now I'll rock more of this color! 
Since the outfit was a mix of neutral colors, I grabbed my purple suede pumps to add a pop of color. I sold these to my friend, Kimmi, but still haven't brought them over to her yet. Kimmi, I hope this will lure you to visit me sooner! :)
[shorts by h&m, top and bag from kie&kate, purple suede pumps by bcbg]
Photos by my fabulous friend, Courtney