MY Dress

This McQueen dress has been part of my header for so long (years!) that whenever I spy it in a photograph, I immediately think, "Oh, that's MY dress!" It really does feel like mine, at this point. I actually have the photo in my header torn out from Vogue and hanging over my bed at home. It's just so pretty. I think it would be so special to own.

And honestly, I can't think of a better way to rock the dress than with spiky purple hair and a dog I initially mistook for a pig. You go grrl!

Boston Fashion Week update soon.

Photography: RRL


When I first saw these images from the new Ralph Laurn RRL campaign I was momentarily convinced they were genuine vintage photographs. Upon further inspection it became clear that they were impressively faithful reproductions. They remind me of the Australian mug shots that I posted about here. Once I started studying the photos closer, I couldn't help but think about how much fun it would have been to work on this project; from the set design to the lighting, and the styling to the post production.


A Ladylike Amy

I was pleasantly surprised by Amy's very lovely and ladylike attire. Since I usually see gwe swooping around for streetstyle photos for her blog, Chicago Streetstyle, I typically see her rocking a casual, but edgy look always with a sweet pair of sneakers. She told me she was inspired by her mother's style circa 1989 when she taught at NYU when she styled this outfit. Her mother obviously had fantastic style to draw inspiration from and Amy pulled off the look flawlessly.
[sweater by Anna Dello Russo x INC, thrifted skirt, vintage pumps by Chloe, ring by Cynthia Rowley, necklace from H&M, sunglasses by RayBan and vintage gold earrings]

style scout: friday date night.

     fall is the one season that i think i love being in love the most. i adore both ends of the autumn spectrum; cozy nights indoors and exciting outdoor adventures.  walking around the city on fall evenings is the absolute best, so i thought it only made sense to pick some outfits for my favorite fall activity.  friday date nights.  after a long week of work it feels great to throw on something a little extra special and hit up a local favorite spot for dinner and wine.
     i wanted to pick looks that could easily transition from a day at the office to a night on the town.  each of these outfits could evolve from day to night with the right shoes or accessories.  i lean towards more feminine pieces for nights out with jeb, so skirts and dresses are a must.  i will admit that the second look has me inspired to try some dressier looks with jeans.

Sea F/W 2011


I love discovering new (to me) collections at this point in the game. Sometimes I feel like I'm looking forward to the same designer's collections every year without adding anything new to the mix. This is the first year that I've seen the New York based line from Sea. Here are some of my favorite looks from their expansive collection. The navy and ochre color palette is one that is inspiring a lot of my choices right now and I'm always a fan of star prints. And I love how all the looks are paired with beat-up Converse. There was a time when I wore my beloved Chucks with everything!



From taking the bus in the morning to work, to running back and forth around the office, yesterday called for complete and utter comfort with a look that still says, "I will kick your ass" because you can't be a wuss in advertising. I met up with Amy of Chicago StreetStyle after work and ran across the street by the bean in Millenium Park to snap some pictures.
Tieka brought this maxi dress to the ModSwap in NYC and as I spotted it in her suitcase earlier in the week, I told her I would have to make that mine somehow. As soon as it was tagged and hung up on the garment rack during the event, I snagged that shit and stuffed it in my bag. It's one shouldered with some cute ruffles at the top, but I threw a sweater over top to add warmth and lace up boots to slosh through the many puddles on my walk home.
[dress from threadsence swapped from tieka, top c/o american living, wedge boots c/o wanted shoes, bag by rebecca minkoff, glasses c/o bonlook, bracelet c/o kristin hassan, ring c/o jewelmint, beaded necklaces c/o missfits]

Colored up like a Cupcake.

This outfit inspires me to bake a sweet treat in these colors. Hmm.."blueberry peach" something or other. I'll do it! Do you guys have any suggestions of posts that you'd like to see here? I feel like I'll have more time in general (plus Gabe is working ALL THE TIME)

Skirt: Fancy Treehouse
Dress as blouse: Fancy Treehouse (BOTH COMING SOON)
Shoes: Steven

XO Coury


wily wiley reads.

how to buy a love of reading by tanya egan gibson ::: this novel tells the story of an awkward high school girl who's parents decide that as a show of wealth and privilege they will buy their daughter her very own work of fiction.  carley's parents hire a young writer to figure out why carley doesn't like to read and make a book that conforms to her every interest and whim.  gibson's novel goes on to describe, in great detail, the fabulous and troubled lives of society's elite, and how knowledge can be used as a tool of wealth. 
i picked this book up at an office book swap a few months ago and was warned that it was being given away because it was a nearly impossible read.  (the sentences are long, the characters quite unlikeable and the attempts at telling a fluid story are sometimes lacking.)  i have to agree with most of these ascertains, but in the end i did find myself connecting to two of the main characters..although it did feel too late in the game to really change my mind after abhorring these same two characters for the most of the book. 

the solitude of prime numbers by pablo giordano ::: another novel about teen angst and another book i was warned i may find depressing.  in this novel's sadness was a great deal of beauty.  the book begins with chapters describing the events that stunt mattia and alice's psychological growth and ability to connect with others.  jumping ahead to their awkward teenage years, mattia and alice become close friends, forming an alliance over their childhood experiences.  the novel follows the two from childhood to adulthood and explores the way the two characters can never escape their circumstances.  giordano's background in mathematics shines through the novel, as mattia is a mathematical genius, but it never became too abstract for a 'words girl' like me.  i really enjoyed this novel and though giordano did a wonderful job of fleshing out the two main characters so that the reader feels their shared pain.

what are you reading?

Family Affairs F/W 2011


Here's another fall/winter collection that I love. It's called Meteorite Dream by Family Affairs. I always enjoy the titles of their pieces and the song lyrics they include with each one. The colors in this collection are right up my alley; black, navy, camel, cream. I've been on the hunt for long sleeve dresses and the Scotland dress is about as perfect as they come.


Fall Lust List

Fall Lust List
Collage created using TechSmith Snagit

1. Dress by Mink Pink from ModCloth, $109.99
2. Collar Necklace from Lori's Shoes, $36
3. Latte Poncho from Chloe Loves Charlie (15% percent off code: BLONDE), $52
4. Bow Bridge Kennedy bag by Kate Spade, $445
5. Sunglasses from Bonlook, sale $60
6. Boot by Halmanera, $345
7. Loafer by DV by Dolce Vita, $64

The moon is yours, the bird's tune is yours.

Greetings! It's another beautiful day in Nashville. I guess I thought that it immediately turns to fall everywhere but California on September 1st. It still feels like summer here but I'm trying to enjoy it because I'm sure we'll have plenty of cold weather from Oct-May. Once I reach my cold breaking point we're off to Palm Springs! :) Anyway, for now the weather is gorgeous and I guess I can't say enough times how happy I am to be here.

Aren't these shoes the cutest? If they were a smidge bigger I would keep them but I like my shoes comfy and these are a bit too tight. If you wear about an 8 you should add them to your closet. :)

Dress: Fancy Treehouse
Blouse: Fancy Treehouse
Heart Loafers: Pinwheels at Fancy Treehouse (ALL COMING SOON)
Denim Jacket: Fancy Treehouse

XO Coury


Sponsor Post: Milk & Bread Vintage


I've teamed up with Milk & Bread Vintage, one of my lovely September sponsors, to bring you a pretty exciting giveaway. They are generously offering a $100 credit to their shop to one of you! Their shop is stocked full of pretty pieces that are perfect for the upcoming season. Some of my favorites are this Jerry Gilden party dress, this perfectly broken-in Levis denim jacket, this cute woven shoulder bag, and this pretty fall-hued skirt. All you have to do to enter is check out their Etsy shop and leave a comment on this post (make sure you include your email address). I'll randomly pick a winner in a week so you've got seven days to enter. Good luck!

photos by Tom b.

- Could've Woodland Cape courtesy of Modcloth
- UO skirt
- vintage silk blouse
- UO boots
- vintage Coach purse
- sunglasses courtesy of BonLook


How was your weekend? Ours was quite nice. Here are the rest of the photos that I was too tired to post last night. We took them along a foot bridge on our way to eat dinner at Iron Hill Brewery. We don't typically go there to eat but Tom had a gift card so we thought we'd check it out. We split the biggest plate of nachos I've ever seen, then a pizza made with local mushroom and topped it all off with creme brulee. But the best part? The beers! They make their own craft beers on site and last night we had two of the best I've tasted (that didn't come straight from Belgium). After dinner we headed home to watch the season premiere of Boardwalk Empire. The episode itself wasn't that great but I know it's just setting things up for the rest of the season so I'm keeping my fingers crossed it's a good as last year's.