Deja Vu

You may be thinking, "didn't this bitch post this outfit yesterday..or something similar?" And yes, yes I did. I transitioned my  afternoon outfit from yesterday's post to nighttime fun by changing into a sheer maxi, studded boots and a smaller bag to keep my arms free for the fun events from last Friday night.
[vintage top, maxi skirt borrowed from tieka, jeffrey campbell boots c/o lori's shoes, bag by marc jacobs, necklace from h&m]
I headed out with Tieka to ModCloth's and the Swapaholics' Modswap event and prepared myself for some serious fun. I've never been a part of a swap event and in case you're not familiar, attendees had to bring two items to swap and once you tag the items, you're free to select two items off the racks. I selected a maxi dress that Tieka brought and a gold sequined vest and I was also able to snag an additional blouse from ModCloth that I'm so in love with! Any time an event combines Blue Moon beer, clothes and stylish ladies, it's a recipe for success in my book. I met so many great girls and was reunited with many that I haven't seen since the last New York Fashion Week I was at in February 2010.
Kiley of a Sequin Dress at Breakfast tried on this cute jacket at Modswap and I encouraged her to take it home with her!
The next stop of the night was Bloggers Night Out at Pranna. I was blown away by how organized the event was and the amazing turnout. The highlight of the night was spinning the wheel at the Lulu's booth and winning a free item of my choice. Once I spotted the Steve Madden leopard print boots earlier that night, I knew I had to will myself to win and bring them home with me that night. Since I'm a fan of contests and free things, I also entered the best dressed blogger contest and won a gift card to Shop It To Me! Hooray!
With Jenni of I Spy DIY, Laura of On The Racks and Tieka (thanks to Fashables for this photo)
Veronika of Tick Tock Vintage is honestly one of my most favorite people. She's so down to earth, caring and funny
I finally got to meet Katy of Modly Chic!