The Last of Summer


photos by Tom b.

- vintage romper
- vintage shoes
- vintage hat
- H&M sunglasses

Since today's Labor Day holiday is sort of the last hooray for summer, I thought I'd finally dig out the last of the photos from our summer vacation.  These were taken on a day that we spent in Joshua Tree National Forest back in May.  I can't believe it was that long ago!  We took a hike (it's really a pretty easy walk) out to Barker Dam.  There is a spot were during the rainy season water naturally collects.  When the area was first being settled, the ranchers in the area built a dam to have a place for their horses and cattle to drink.  On previous trips to the area the water has been much higher than it was on this trip.  You can see the waterlines on the rocks behind me in some of the photos.  Further down the trail there is a spot where petroglyphs can still be seen carved into the rocks although someone vandalized them by coloring them in at some point.