So Many NYC Photos!

Here are some random photos throughout the week during Fashion Week! For Fashion's Night Out, I sported a simple, comfortable look complete with Bonlook glasses, leopard print wedges and a leather jacket in the photo above. We took this outside of the Jane Hotel, a historic hotel we stayed at in the meatpacking district. During the early 1900s, sailors stayed in the cabin like rooms and Tieka and I experienced this history in extremely tight quarters. Imagine two girls, suitcases filled with clothes in a 50 square foot room and one twin bed. It was a tight fit, but we made it work! 
I was glad to finally meet Keiko at Elie Tahari during Fashion's Night Out. Shit was crazy that night and it really the only stop Tieka and I made. 
Jen of Jen Loves Kev snappin' away!
Julie of Orchid Grey is just so stunning!
Amy of Punky Style is so awesome and I loved her dress!
I looked so haggard by the end of Lucky FABB, but I just needed a photo with Alicia of Cheetah Is The New Black
Tieka, Mikhaila of From Aprons to Polkadots, Jen, me, Ashley of Lions Lace Lattes
So wish I had straight hair like Kimberly's so I could do fun colors with my hair!
Helena of Brooklyn Blonde is so incredibly gorgeous and poised! I could stand to learn a few lessons from her!
Kim of Eat Sleep Wear and Marissa of Style Cusp
I had such an amazing time and am glad TechSmith could help me go! I have some products to giveaway soon from them, which are some awesome tools to use for blogs! Weee!