We Love Ugg Boots!

UGG Boots are huge! Since the 1990s these comfortable sheepskin boots have become insanely popular, partly due to some high-profile publicity from celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Sarah Jessica Parker. They have invaded the world market and the company's profits have seen more than a 50-fold increase since 1995.

There are many sources for UGG Boots, and buyers are advised to shop around for the cheapest prices. Don't be satisfied with the first offer you see; check several stockists for the best value. Sometimes you can find sale offers and there are often vouchers that can reduce the price, so smart shoppers can get a tidy savings.

UGG Boots were started in 1978 by a surfer named Brian Smith, who marketed them to his fellow surfers as a way to keep their feet warm upon leaving the water. The company got a big boost in 1995 when it was purchased by the Decker Outdoor Corporation. In 1998 UGG Boots burst onto the high-end footwear market to rave reviews, and it had achieved worldwide popularity by 2003 when it was named Brand of the Year by Footwear News.

The term "ugg boots" has been used for years in Australia and New Zealand to mean boots of twin-faced sheepskin. In keeping with this tradition, UGG's products are made of sheepskin tanned with the fleece left on. This face becomes the inner part of the boot, which makes the fleece the lining. Fleece breathes naturally, keeping the feet an even temperature. There is a synthetic sole with a solid heel.

Among the most popular UGG styles are their Bailey Button boots. These are handsome short boots opening on the side for easy removal. This side panel is closed by a button that gives the style its name.

Another favorite is the UGG Australia Classic Tall. It embodies classic UGG styles such as the dome-shaped upper and prominent stitching. The Classic also comes in a short version.

UGG Boots have come a long way, and they now make much more than boots for surfers. The latest group of UGG styles includes the Classic Short Sparkles for ladies, a Classic decorated with sequins and satin. Another new UGG style is the Tularosa Route Detachable, which has a knitted section for extra warmth. Ladies' styles like Laela, Kaylee and Vivica feature everything from tall boots to sandals.

Of course, the men's styles remain popular. Styles like Bremerton, Herrick and Fallbrook are superstars of the UGG Boots selection, while shoes like Roxford, Keppel and Vanowen provide gentlemen's footwear for all occasions, from dinner party to campsite.

UGG Boots' styles for children include junior versions of their Classic and Bailey lines as well as Tadpole sandals, Rockville, Plumdale and Kids' Birch lines among others. They range from bright, fun shoes for school and play to heavier boots for kids.

It is important to obtain all UGG Boots products from official stockists, thus ensuring that you are getting the authentic item. Unfortunately, the extreme popularity of UGG Boots in recent years has led to the appearance of counterfeits, some of which are being sold online. Shoppers are advised to check on the official UGG Australia website and make sure a source is credited as an authorized UGG Boots retailer before purchasing.

Official UGG Boots stockists include cloggs.co.uk, schuh.co.uk, office.co.uk and very.co.uk. Each carries an extensive selection of UGG Boots footwear, including those mentioned here and much more. In addition to ensuring the authenticity of the item, getting UGG boots through an official stockist is a good way to get the best prices, vouchers and sale offers.