Runways & Sidewalks

Last Saturday, I headed to the Honor show and wore black pants, a sheer, mauve top with a vintage cropped jacket and a pair of my favorite boots. I was happy to show up and know I was actually there at the right time and the right day. Several times I found myself at the Lincoln Center not realizing it was the wrong day altogether. Hmph. I was greeted by Taylor of Sterling Style and Amy of Chicago Streetstyle, thankful since I was wandering by myself. Taylor and Amy both have great styles and are fab--pretty disappointed I didn't get some photos with them as well! 
[vintage blazer, boots and necklace c/o lori's shoes, blouse borrowed from tieka and bag by marc jacobs]
Just before the start of the show
I loved the back on many of the dresses and many of the soft, neutral color palette with just pops of vibrant color like the pink pantsuit below. 
I changed gears later in the day and headed to a Very Stylish Picnic in Central Park where a slew, of angelic looking girls with braids, whimsical dresses and a lot of smiles gathered. I felt a bit out of place in my hooker boots, but I met some wonderful girls and ate some delicious rice krispie treats! I ended my last night in NYFW grabbing greasy food with a group of laidback girls. It couldn't have been a more wonderful end to my time in New York City!
Kelsey, Veronika and Tieka
Nikka of Showgirl Godzilla, Veronika and Bryan crossing the street