From taking the bus in the morning to work, to running back and forth around the office, yesterday called for complete and utter comfort with a look that still says, "I will kick your ass" because you can't be a wuss in advertising. I met up with Amy of Chicago StreetStyle after work and ran across the street by the bean in Millenium Park to snap some pictures.
Tieka brought this maxi dress to the ModSwap in NYC and as I spotted it in her suitcase earlier in the week, I told her I would have to make that mine somehow. As soon as it was tagged and hung up on the garment rack during the event, I snagged that shit and stuffed it in my bag. It's one shouldered with some cute ruffles at the top, but I threw a sweater over top to add warmth and lace up boots to slosh through the many puddles on my walk home.
[dress from threadsence swapped from tieka, top c/o american living, wedge boots c/o wanted shoes, bag by rebecca minkoff, glasses c/o bonlook, bracelet c/o kristin hassan, ring c/o jewelmint, beaded necklaces c/o missfits]