New York City Fun and Lucky FABB

What do you get when you mix the Kardashian sisters, Diane Von Furstenburg, a slew of amazing panelists and a team of down to earth magazine editors? You get Lucky FABB. Let me tell you, they pulled out all the stops for this conference. I generally find myself in a state of apathy and cynicism, but I felt energized and excited the entire day.
From seeing Brandon Holley, the Editor-In-Chief of Lucky Magazine hold a blogger's purse during the awards ceremony to DVF letting bloggers mob her and take photos, there was a sense of humility and overall enthusiasm toward the blogger community. And I appreciated that. Maybe it's because I work in digital advertising, but I loved how there were so many stakeholders from some great brands talking about what they're doing in the digital world and how bloggers can and should engage them. Exciting stuff!
My favorite part of the day, even beating out the moment we were handed our gigantic bag of sweet freebies, was listening to Rachel Roy speak on one of the panels. She didn't bullshit us, spoke her mind freely and candidly about her life and how it influenced both of her lines and how she approaches her business. You hear the story over and over about the person who was poor and their progression into success and stardom, but this time I believed the story. And maybe it's because I can relate more to the way she spoke, but I appreciated how honest she was. 
Overall, the general messages of finding your own niche and just going after what you're passionate about really resonated with me. I know, I know, people say you hear the same thing over and over again at these conferences, but listening to people from different perspectives, share their personal stories and their advice inspired me to be more thoughtful when it comes to my blog.
[vintage blazer by christian dior, dress by akira, shoes by jeffrey campbell c/o lori's shoes, watch and necklace from kie&kate]
Diane Von Furstenburg giving us all a better look at her fabulous outfit!
Some of my favorite designers Rebecca Minkoff and Rachel Roy and the gorgeous model Coco Rocha
The Kardashian sisters and Brandon Holley
Two of my favorite people, Tieka and Kim
At moments like these, I wish I could keep my eyes open for a photo.
Of course my obsession with the Rachel Zoe Project led to my inevitable excitement to see Rachel Zoe's husband, Rodger
Two sweet peas I met, Jen of House of Jeffers and Amy of Stylish Year
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