paint it black

Chictopia10 After Party at the Tribeca Grand was a lot of fun despite not my initial rude staff. Danced with my girl, Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky and the fabulous ladies of Crowded Closet. NBC New York covered it here and the first photo shows a girl that just loved me for some reason and I feel cool by association now. Had a blast and left early in search of food. Elizabeth and I settled on a sketch place next to our hotel. Tieka passed on this potential opportunity for food poison and so just Elizabeth and I wolfed down fried rice.
Couple photos before heading out..
[dress by kensie, tights by american apparel, wedge boots by aldo]
Photo courtesy of Emily of the Daily Fashionista!
Photo stolen from Tieka who is with Christina, Mel and Emily
I took a couple extra photos of the dress today. First using only available lighting.
Then added bounce flash.
Loved the zipper detail on the dress.

Phew. Today was a busy day and although I feel like I'm now going to pass out, I'm glad I stayed up to update this! I got to work this morning at 6 a.m. to get ready for our bimonthly legislative breakfast and then I had to rush to my next stop to photograph a couple more individuals for the print/billboard ads we've been working on. I then photographed an event that afternoon and concluded my workday volunteering at an FFA event. So sleepy! Good night all!

Yay and just noticed I'm on Weardrobe's homepage. Thanks Weardrobe!