Girls Night Out--NYC style

10 hours had never gone by so fast. I don't typically get so incredibly excited for much, but I was legitimately excited to make the 10 hour drive to New York City and participate in some New York Fashion Week festivities. First of which was the Girls Night Out sponsored by Dove. I lurk these girls and to meet them in person and personally experience their incredible style and personalities was absolutely amazing.
Nibbling on sandwiches with Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky and Kim from Crowded Closet
Jessica from What I Wore, Erin from Calivintage and Rebecca from the Clothes Horse. Fabulous.
Me, Tieka, Elizabeth, Kim, Melissa--this group became the dance party group the following night.
Big haired girls!
Erin, Julie from Orchid Grey, Rebecca and Jen from JenLovesKev. Again, fabulous. I was mesmerized by Julie's gorgeous straight hair and I kept touching Jen's shoulders, loved her dress!

The night ended up with a ride in a stretch hummer where we first stopped at Times Square for an impromptu fashion/outfit shoot. Maybe it was the wine or a combination of the wine and being in NYC, but my I left my inhibitions in Michigan and didn't mind people staring as I was photographed. I had a blast photographing the girls.
Kim, you rocked these outfit shots.

I'll echo everyone else and say this was a whirlwind trip. I had a blast and I still can't believe everything that happened in NYC actually happened! I've never even been in a limo until this weekend! And I've never been surrounded by so many stylish girls! I'm a newbie blogger and I'm so thankful Jessica let me be apart of this. I will be posting more photos tomorrow from Saturday. So many more more photos!

*Food and Drinks, limo service and Dove Visibly Smooth samples were generously provided by Dove.