gold zippers

This week is flying by! I spent some time this afternoon at a Mid Michigan Creative Alliance luncheon to watch the Clio Awards reel--almost an hour long of really sweet commercials from around the world. I sat with several IT people from a local IT company. I love IT people. They were so incredibly nice and they speak with pride about their obsession with World of War Craft. Love it. My awkwardness was immediately put at ease and I think my social flaws went undetected.

I bought this top from Forever 21 a couple months ago. I thought the sleeves were interesting, just took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to wear with it. Of course, I'd pair it with a very similar skirt. I got this skirt for a steal too. It's a couple sizes big and the elastic waist is loose, but oh well. Only cost me a third the original price!
[skirt by ecote, top by f21, tights by american apparel, platform booties by steve madden]