so cold in the d

Last Thursday I was in Detroit for the 140 Conference which is a a social media conference featuring a new speaker or panel every 10-15 minutes. And I wore this fabulous dress.

Since I've self-diagnosed myself with ADD, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to learn more about cool and innovative ways people are using social media with their projects in a short, constant changing manner. I was super pumped to learn Suze of Miss Vinyl Ahoy would be there. She brings a smile to my face and I find myself staring at her bright, red hair with envy. And to think if it weren't for blogging, she would have never befriended me at a PRSA conference months ago..

Suze was great and took a few photos of my outfit for me. I took a few more photos later on of the dress styled with a pair of platform heels and a new studded Tylie Malibu clutch I wore last night to grab a drink with a group of friends.

Photos from the day of the conference:
[dress by alice moon, purple pumps by bcbg, tights by merona]
How I wore it last night:
Outside the Fillmore, downtown Detroit with Suze trotting ahead!