Alive & Well


- vintage Diane von Furstenberg sweater
- Madewell jeans
- UO chelsea boots
- Alexa Chung for Madewell hat
- vintage Coach purse
- Madewell mail bag

Hello! I am alive and well despite not showing my face around here very much lately. I stopped on the way to drop off some packages at the post office today (thus the big mail bag I'm carrying) to prove that I'm still kickin' and also to show you that you haven't been missing much as far as what I've been wearing. I've worn some variation of this outfit everyday that I've left the house for at least the last week. Keepin' it casual! But really, I think the cooler weather has me thinking about things like camping and hiking so I've been dressing like I'm preparing for a trip into the woods when really I'm just hiking to the post office.