Sunbeams will soon shine through!

Sweet summer day. ♥

Well, we're moving in a week but I don't want to share details and jinx anything. I hate that I can't share with you yet, but it's just a week! I think everything's gonna work out just fine, but you never know. :)

Boy, do I love summer. We went to Williams Sonoma today and all the grilling stuff was on a 75% sale and Gabe said, "Little do they know we'll be grilling all year long". Hopefully no one heard. We almost got a granite pizza stone but I read a review that said, "If you like a charred black bottom and a raw, uncooked top, buy this pizza stone!"

My family is coming down this weekend for a whole family Disneyland visit, Palm Springs Trip, and a tour through my mom's childhood in Southern California. I can't wait!


Mustard Stripe Dress: Fancy Treehouse

Sweater: Fancy Treehouse

Shoes: Dieppa


Happy Thursday!

XO Coury