Red + Blue

I hung out with the lovely ladies, Amy of Chicago Streetstyle and Anna of See Jane last Thursday to grab tapas from Cafe Ba Ba Reeba. I was nervous of a restaurant with a menu containing items I wasn't all that familiar with. I'm what you'd consider a non-foodie. Feed me a slice of processed cheese, a boiled hot dog or a piece of burnt toast and I'm good to go. I did like my food and Amy fed me her garlic bread, bless her heart. Thanks for showing me a new place, girls!
I've been wearing these blue pants a lot for one reason: they are extremely stretchy. When it's so hot, an easy pair of pants that glide right on make me happy. I added a little more color with the red tank and striped cropped jacket. I've been inching out of my comfort zone of all black and I have to say I really liked wearing all these bold colors! Anyone else trying to leave their clothing comfort zone? What new things are you either trying to wear or leave behind?
[jacket by lucca couture, tank by h&m, pants by bdg, heels by kelsi dagger]
Photos by Amy