Chicago Blogger Meet N Greet

Emily of Sartoriography, Lisa of Archives Vintage, Tabitha of Defining Tabitha and Britt of That Shop Girl
Chicago fashion/personal style bloggers are my favorite. I might be biased since I now live here, but even before I moved, I made friends with many of these lovely ladies. They're just so damn down to earth and I felt like I could be myself with them. And they learned quickly I'm a sorry excuse for a lady with my potty mouth, lack of palette for exquisite foods (I just want a hot dog!) and my toilet humor. They accept me and I love that I feel at home here, even when I haven't lived here long. And naturally, when Lisa organized the Chicago Blogger Meet N Greet, I attended to see these fabulous people and make new friends. I like to surround myself with good people.
Karyn of Dethrose Vintage who I like to photo stalk.
The location of the meet up has been my favorite of all blogger meet ups to date. It took place at Deliciously Vintage, a beautiful boutique of curated vintage pieces. I loved the place so much, I'm heading back there this weekend to do some shopping. While shopping and sipping wine, I was able to reunite with friends and finally meet many more great girls. I love that there's such a great community of fashion bloggers. They really are all extremely personable and fun.
Oh, Emily. I heart you.
Law, the owner of Deliciously Vintage
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