Mt. Gretna


photos by Tom b.

- Topshop sailor shirt

- Fletcher for Lyell shorts

- Topshop boots

- Fieldguided tote

Earlier in the week Tom and I took part of an afternoon off (a pretty novel idea for the two of us in the middle of the week) and drove up to Mt. Gretna. We'd been there once before the first summer we moved to PA for an arts & crafts festival which was packed with all sorts of, well, arts and crafts. This time the place was a bit more subdued and reminded me of the summer resort where Baby and her family stayed in Dirty Dancing. That's a good thing, by the way. There was a little man-made lake with a diving platform built in the middle. You could rent a canoe or a paddle boat but Tom and I just opted for a walk around the edge of the lake. After our walk we treated ourselves to an early dinner at the Jigger Shop. We had the only two vegetarian options on the menu, a portabella sandwich and a hummus wrap. Or course we were still hungry after that so we added a scoop of chocolate almond and butter pecan ice cream.