photos by Tom b.

- H&M dress

- UO fatigue jacket

- Hunter Wellies

- sunglasses courtesy of BonLook


This weekend we were all prepared for a visit from Hurricane Irene. Fortunately all we saw was a lot of rain and wind and a few branches down in the backyard. Yesterday when the rain finally stopped we walked downtown to the Spring House Taproom to celebrate a friend's birthday. I wore my rain boots in hopes of splashing in some puddles but everything was already dried up. The wind, however, was still going full force which made for some pretty interesting photo-taking.

I was also wearing my new sunglasses from BonLook. I am blessed with good eyesight so when they offered to let me try out a pair of their glasses, at first I almost declined since I don't need to correct my vision. Then I realized they also offer nonprescription lenses and sunglasses so I gladly took them up on their offer. I'm wearing the Weekend @ Bernie's style. If you check out their site and see something that catches your eye (no pun intended!) you can use the coupon code BONLOOKGIVE to receive $10 off your purchase.