V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N, in the summer sun.

Here's a Palm Springs weekend through my eyes. I do get a little camera crazy but I love remembering what I want from the trip and I like that through photos I take, you can see everything I saw. If you went, you would see different things! Isn't it wonderful how different we all are?

Life is changing again as it always seems to do! For now, I'm staying away from Carmageddon and Gabe is hard at musical work. Last night I drank Sangria, ate homemade Rocky Road Ice Cream, and watched "The Long Long Trailer" with my gals (mom & sis). It was memorable. We are all so blessed in so many different ways. I hope you have a great weekend. ♥

I already can't wait to get back to Palm Springs.


Baby Blue Party dress- Fancy Treehouse

Red Checked Skirt- Fancy Treehouse

All Shoes- Rachel Comey

Hat- Vintage

XO Coury