Back to Blonde

I skipped along to work and dinner with friends yesterday in this outfit. I'm feeling especially feminine and cutesy now that my hair is blonde again and I'm wearing a frilly outfit. I went to the salon on Wednesday, asked to keep the strawberry blonde and somehow leaving with it looking close to what it looked like before I dyed it red. I'm just not sure what to do with it anymore! I struggle with a slew of first world problems.
Back in May when I visited the Randolph Street Market, I visited the Dethrose Vintage booth again. I love Karyn's stuff and beelined it for this mint top as if everyone else planned to scoop it up. Since I hardly wear tops like this, it took me a while to style, but I loved how the outfit came together.
[vintage top from dethrose vintage, skirt from anthropologie, thrifted belt, oxfords from dsw, sunglasses by banana republic]
The light was so great in the city yesterday evening and I'm still so enamored by Chicago's downtown. I see the same views of the buildings and clusters of people, but they always excite me. Working downtown has been so much fun so far too. I step outside to restaurants and can meet up with friends who work nearby in a minute or less. I've spent a couple days this week eating in the park. Soon enough, I'll make sure to take photos of my building and inside our office at Band Digital. It's pretty much the coolest place ever where I feel challenged, have countless hip and fun people to chat up and at the end of every week we can look forward to Beercart Fridays, because retrieving a beer from the refrigerator just isn't the same as having a beercart going around the office.  I'm hoping to enjoy a beer at work today myself. Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!
Photos by Becky Johns