Holiday Weekend with Caramel Apples & Beer

I made the journey to Milwaukee last weekend for Fourth of July and on Saturday, I spent the day exploring a suburb outside of the city taking in a beer on the river, nomming on gourmet caramel apples and being a bit of a tourist, snapping photos of the quaint town.
I didn't take outfit photos, but I wore a light sundress and sandal wedges. I've worn the dress here. It was a perfect hot, humid day. We couldn't walk all that much on Saturday since Don tripped over a single stair whilst playing with my camera and sprained his ankle pretty bad. He hobbled along and I made sure to walk slow, which forced me to slow down and notice things, rather than power walk and ignore everything around me like I normally do on my commute to and from work.
Nothing like a festive caramel apple. I think it took me longer to select an apple than it's ever taken me to shop for clothes. As you could tell from above, I settled on a caramel apple covered in mini m&m's. It tasted heavenly.DSC_4367
Even though I've only been a city girl for three months, I wasn't comfortable sitting this close to foliage, where insects crawled about. I didn't see them, but I knew they were there somewhere waiting to attack me. Yet, the bug anxiety was worth sitting outside the Silver Creek Brewing Company to watch the river and chill.
Who doesn't enjoy a large photo of beer? I suppose I don't because I want to relive that moment and drink it again.