Delightfully Fun

Delightfully Tacky featured me as the Blogger of the Moment! eee! I love Elizabeth and each girl she features. What an honor!
blogger of hte moment

Yesterday, I talked about fashion blogging, style, and photography on LansingNext, a weekly online talk radio show with two pretty sweet hosts, Dan and Julielyn. Dan was the first friend I made when I stood awkwardly alone at my first Mid-Michigan Tweet up last year and I first saw Julielyn when she captivated an audience at a PRSA seminar and I thought "damn, she's cool." It was such a pleasure to be asked to go on the show, especially with those two as hosts. It airs tomorrow at noon, I believe! Listen if you can! Before I went on, Jess Knott and a few ladies of Lansing Derby Vixens talked about Lansing's new roller derby. I couldn't stop giggling while they were on and immediately wanted to be apart of this group of kiss ass ladies. I'm a bit of a wuss, but in high school I was pretty tough and cutthroat while playing powderpuff football. I think I can find it me again.
Derby girls before heading in the studio
Julielyn and Dan
The studio was super retro and cool.
I don't understand why I throw my head so far back when I laugh..hmm

Last four photos by the fab photog, Becky Johns. Thank you!