it's always sunny

Saturday in Philly was spent getting brunch at a delicious restaurant called Sabrina's followed by walking, walking and more walking. Now, I'm a pretty unfortunately lazy person where I drive any time I need to get to point a to point b, even if it's literally down the street. It was great exercise though and I got to experience the historical part of the city and see more cute boutiques, historical sites such as Benjamin Franklin's grave and various historical monuments with Kim and Brian. I love history and Kim and Brian were my tour guides teaching me interesting things around town.
Sorry I wasn't throwin' out my a game for outfit pictures. At this point in the day, I had chocolate stains on my shirt and my feets hurt.
[tee by american apparel, grey pants by bdg, jacket by zara, bag by marc by marc jacobs, bracelets by f21 and H&M borrowed from Kim]
I spent the entire weekend in these shoes. Love 'em. Kim ordered the same ones!
Kim painted my nails for me. She's such a gem. She did my make up for me too when we went out and taught me tricks. Kim, be proud, I improved my make up application routine starting with this morning for work!
Kim and Brian are such a great couple. I had so much fun hanging out with them and meeting their absolutely hilarious friends. I felt so at home in that city with those guys. I must go back soon.

We spent the evening at an Italian restaurant, La Viola Ovest where we could bring in our own wine. I never heard of such a thing! I even tried something new, gniocchi. I didn't know how to pronounce anything on the menu let alone know what anything was. Unlike Kim and Brian, I'm not so cultured. I live on toast and hot dogs. I really liked trying new foods which is always tough for me to do and I discovered that I like more food than I thought I would. I need to not let names of dishes and vegetables deter me from trying new things!