black & blue

I have been quite unimpressed with Michigan's weather this past week. From sunny almost summer like weather to what I swear I saw swirling around in the wind this morning--snow--GASP! I'm hopeful the weather in Chicago will be a bit better asTieka and I make are way to the Windy City to enjoy some quality friendship time, shopping and dinner with a group of fellow bloggers on Saturday. I haven't met any of these girls yet in person so I'm excited to meet some new faces.

Some things new people should know when meeting me:
- I have a chin hair affectionately named Margaret. And a freakishly long arm hair which has just been named Sylvia. Don't judge them.
-I prefer to eat without any sort of kitchen utensils. I eat like a savage. I apologize in advance if I embarrass anyone with my inevitably stained shirt.
-My hair is a weave.

(Got you! You'd be surprised how many times people think it is or on Halloween the amount of compliments I receive on my "wig" hehe)

I immediately fell in love with this cropped, bedazzled grey and black top. It's a typical type of shirt I like and I thought the lace tank underneath added a little something extra. I busted out my blue wedges and I've realized how much I like wearing them with jeans which I was initially hesitant about doing.
[jeans by bdg, lace tank by silence+noise, top by silence+noise, wedges by jeffrey campbell]