Shopping Day in Philly

Kim and I spent Friday shopping. We woke up early and her boyfriend Brian cooked us a delicious breakfast. They live so close to everything and it was a short walk to the shops. I'm trying to be good on this trip and not overspend, so I only purchased three, but fabulous items.

Kim let me borrow some items over the weekend to jazz up my outfits. I borrowed her watch, a ring, clutch and jacket. She has so many accessories! I was in accessory heaven choosing among an assortments of rings, necklaces, bracelets, scarves and a ton of other cool stuff she has. I shed the jacket once it started to heat up while walking in the sun and it was the perfect comfy outfit to wear while shopping. Kim also took my outfit shots, thank you! <3

[jacket by f21 borrowed from kim, watch from modcloth borrowed from kim, jeans by bdg, oxford flats by aldo, tie dye tanktop by american apparel and cluth by f21 borrowed from kim]

One of my delicious treats that I indulged in, chocolate mousse!
Kim and her cheese danish!

I have so many more photos and details to share, but I'll wait until I return to Michigan and have more time! We've been on the go doing so many fun things this weekend! This is our short break before heading out to dinner! It's crazy how this whole weekend came together just because I met her a couple months while in New York City. It doesn't happen to me that often that I make friends with someone so quickly. I feel so comfortable in her home with her super cool boyfriend and as if I've been friends with them all my life!