the softer side

I'm not going to lie and say I didn't feel a bit out of element for myself today and a little Susie Homemaker in my pretty patterned dress. There was a little prance to my step, but also a ton of "what the &%&$*" and "oh shit"'s Grant writing turns me into a hot, disorganized mess who swears like a sailor.
I decided to throw my hair up after work and I started grabbing random domestic items around my apartment to play up my housewife persona for these photos. Today has been such a crap day and of course me and probably other fashion bloggers think "Oh I just need to go home and take some self portraits. That's just what I need." rather than "I need a drink." It actually worked. While some people may sketch or paint to relieve stress, I paint my face up and set up the tripod and weee, instant stress reliever. I realized I inadvertently channeled Miss Pandora
[dress by kimchi blue, purple heels by bcbg, glasses from urban outfitters, accessories, I mean appliances from various chain stores]