hair timeline and memories

Tieka is on her way over today and I started thinking about when we first started hanging out. I referred back to my embarrassing livejournal and recovered a few embarrassing pictures to share. Everyone knows me now for my big, curly, blonde hair but back in the day I did everything to change it. I used to submit photos on a few hair related blogs before so I have quite the extensive archive of hair photos, but can't remember my photobucket password! Here is a shortened timeline of the myspace-esque images of my past hair phases. It makes me laugh.

The two-toned look. I sported variations of this, adding brown, black or red. BAHAHA.


Then I wanted to try red. I was convinced by my stylist this color would be flattering..

My brother Chad and I with the red hair still

Shortly after, I had that red stripped from my hair and replaced it with more natural tones..

Tieka, Kimmi and I back in the day. Before I started to over process my hair and when Tieka wore hers curly people would always get us confused. I need to dig up photos from high school to eventually show you all.

I forget how blonde Tieka used to keep her hair!

Sorry this post had nothing to do with fashion!