This week is a super busy week for me! It involves working on a huge grant, a trip to Chicago, countless meetings, photography sessions and executing an event my interns and I organize. I definitely feel like I don’t have enough time to get everything done that I need to such as my class work and other personal projects, but I prefer to be burning the candle at both ends than have a moment of boredom. While this week I’ve had to make some sacrifices to get more precedent things finished, I’m going to try my best to stay on track and get everything done that I want to get done. Vague, I know but I could write pages on “stuff” that needs to get done as it relates to work, school, etc.

I headed out to Chicago on Monday to attend a PRSA seminar on strategic planning all day on Tuesday. I stayed with one of my besties, Courtney and her boyfriend, Ben. That morning I felt like I was a third grader getting dropped off on the first day of school when Ben dropped Court and I at the train stop. Like a careful dad would, he waited for us to get inside before pulling away and we waved goodbye. Then Courtney came all the way downtown and walked me to the Hilton Suites to make sure I made it to the right place before she headed off to work. I love them. I didn’t bring my camera, but when I visit Court and Ben for a weekend next month I’ll have lots of pictures to share of their cuteness and their fabulous new apartment.



[fringed sweater by zara, bag by coach, shorts by bdg, tights by american apparel, boots by steve madden]



Lily kept trying to sneak in!






I wore this last Friday and stopped over at my mom's on my way to Tieka's. I thought this outfit would fit the scenery of the barn/pasture in the backyard.

It was a little too cold to just sport the jean shorts so I added my favorite AA polka dot tights. I don’t like feeling too cutesy and so the situation called for a pair of biker boots to toughen up my look. I paired the boots with my favorite fringed, shoulder-padded sweater and shorts. I gave my style-resistant mommy this purse last week when I was in town so I used it for one last time! So long purse, hopefully my mom won't destroy you too quickly!