windy city wandering

A month ago when Tieka asked if I was interested in meeting up with fellow bloggers in Chicago, I exclaimed "Yes!" This became an excuse to shop, catch up with Tieka and meet some amazing ladies. I spent the night at Tieka's Friday night. Since her hubby was off recording their band's next album, it was officially a sleepover and I got to sleep on Brett's side of the bed! Haha! She has the cutest cats named Ultra Mega and Sergeant Death hehehe. They're fat, hairy and cute, but a tad creepy. They sit and stare at you constantly. Just this morning I was explaining to her how Ultra Mega was creepily staring at me while I sat on the couch and she nonchalantly responds, "oh they ALWAYS do that. Just look at Sarg" And I look over into the kitchen and off in the distance is this cat staring straight into my soul.

Anyways, We spent the day shopping and doing lots of walking. Tieka and I are both..well lazy so we frequented any opportunity to take a break and sit down. I bought these amazing cut offs from Levis that day and changed into them immediately. I was sweating so much ha.
[shorts by levis, tank dress (worn as a top) by t by alexander wang, jacket by zara, accessories from urban outfitters and f21, oxford flats by aldo, sunglasses by marc by marc jacobs]
Tieka! My little ray of sunshine
We met up with Between Laundry Days, Caffeinerd, Sartoriography, Clothes, inter alia, Makeunder My Life, Defying My Closet, and Fashion Therapist. I love when a group of strangers can get together and have so much to talk about. It was so interesting to learn about the other girls--what their interests are, about their careers and why and how they started their blog. We also enjoyed some delicious food and drinks from Quartino's. Nom nom!
Tabitha of Fashion Therapist & Clare of Between Laundry Days