haley & cupcakes

Tonight I spent some time with a couple of my favorite brunettes, my friends Sarah and Haley. Sarah and I have a weekly routine of meeting up at a coffee shop in attempt to “get things done.” It usually involves us eavesdropping on other’s conversations and giggling, telling each other stories and giggling or a combination of both. Haley popped in later and I begged her to bring the outfit she wore during her birthday celebration this past Monday so I could photograph her.

Haley never looks the same. She has a variety of ways she styles her hair, a closet filled with adorable items and her addiction to shoes has rubbed off on me. I love the pattern and playfulness of this romper. The buttons and sweetheart neckline add such a cute touch and calls out, “HALEY STYLE!” While I photographed her she was constantly prancing around and twirling, just what one should do while wearing a cutesy romper.



[romper from charlotte russe, shoes by zigi soho and tights from express]




I still have so many photos from Philly I want to share. My last night there with Kim, we picked up some delicious cupcakes from Flying Monkey and we ate them after dinner. Since they all looked so good, we divided them into fours and everyone received a piece of each cupcake. I scarfed mine down in .2 seconds.




This one just looks like I'm attacking the camera with cupcake.