Featured on Glamour.com!

I love reading Glamour and I've witnessed some fabulous style and fabulous ladies featured on the Slaves to Fashion blog on Glamour.com. I finally worked up the courage to submit something and Kim brought it to my attention that I was featured as a best dressed reader! I am beyond ecstatic! I saw that a few of my readers left such sweet comments and I'm so appreciative of your comments and love.

My first guest blog post was published this week as well on Capital Gains, an area e-magazine that I freelance for occasionally. It's a sweet publication that focuses on job growth, innovation and economic growth in the region. The editor heard about my blog and asked if I would be willing to do a three part series as a guest blogger. Of course I said yes! And I received so many positive emails from friends and people in the community. I'm so thankful that the community I live in is so supportive. My face hurts from smiling so much yesterday :)

glamour feature

Link to my blog post on Capital Gains!