prison stripes

I leave for Philadelphia this Thursday! I have so much to get done at work and at home before then! Ah! I'll be in Philadelphia from Thursday until Sunday. Kim of Crowded Closet and I both didn't realize it was Easter weekend so I get to spend the holiday weekend and part of Sunday with her! But basically that day will be spent traveling back to Lansing, Mich. How exciting. But the weekend should be a blast! Kim has been building up my excitement to visit by suggesting fun things to do and places to go! Restaurants, museums, shops, etc! I have a feeling I'm going to LOVE it there. And I'll be taking a ton of photos to share :)

I've been rolling up the sleeves of my leather jackets lately. I love this look and just discovered I could unzip my sleeves and do something similar with my jackets. Plus, it's warmer out and I want to keep the bad a look so rolling up the sleeves is the perfect alternative to wearing lighter coats or sweaters.
[tights by american apparel, jacket by gap, dress by silence + noise]

Some of these were right outside my apartment building near the garage door. I kept running away and hiding when I saw headlights. I'm certain they saw me take off in heels and hide. During the day I feel less self conscious about it, but at night while using a flash--I just feel more exposed. I need to get over it.