back in ravenna

Apologies for not updating sooner! I've been sick and been sort of busy. Today I went back to my hometown to visit the fam and take some senior portraits of a lovely girl named Ashley.

I endured rain, wind, mud and burrs in the butt to get some photos of Ashley. Despite all of this, I had an absolute blast. Her older sister Jenny and her mom came along--pointing out cool spots to photograph her and helping to hoist her up in what would normally be unreachable areas such barn lofts and ledges of silos. This kind of commitment guarantees sweet photos. I feel as if every two minutes I was shouting "I love this!" or a high pitched "Oooo!" It's getting me excited for wedding season to start--can't wait to start photographing weddings again!

For some reason, I was feelin' super sassy and silly today which is reflected in my photos. There were some ridiculous ones I won't share here. One looked like I was in labor. My mom brings out the best in me in my photos hehe. I love this dress and is the only bold, bright colored item I own I think.

[dress by kensie, polka dot tights by american apparel, wedges by aldo]

So yesterday morning, I awoke and preceded to partake in my normal morning routine by washing my face followed by using a toner. As I wiped my face off with the cotton ball, I realized I had actually used nail polish remover. Too bad I lost the sense of smell due to my cold and couldn't smell that it wasn't facial toner. Fortunately, it did not burn.

I leave you with a cute photo of my mom's new trail horse, Jake.So cute!