wolf like me

I hung out with some other public relations young professionals after work today which was a ton of fun. It's a new group that got started with the Central Michigan Public Relations Society of America chapter to get young people in PR together to just talk over food and drinks and try out different restaurants and venues in the area. It's smaller scale than the other networking groups I'm involved in and I think the first meeting was a success!

I need to make more friends in this industry though. Or maybe just in general. I'm the type of person who is still best friends with people from elementary school and feel like I'm content with who I have in my life, but I need to let more people in. My friend Tom and I discussed this today. He compared his friends with the show Seinfeld with him as Jerry, me as Elaine and his two roommates filling the other two roles and how he was content with us filling those main friendship roles. I'm so thankful for the friends I have. I really do have some awesome people in my life who aren't afraid of tough love ie "Andrea, that's a stupid decision. Don't do that." Which I appreciate. My friends are funny and so out there. One of my best friends, Courtney is a five foot tall, 100 pound pistol who tells me like it is and I know she would attack anyone who did me wrong. She's been one of my best friends for the last 15 years. I miss her constantly and wish Chicago was closer to me. Tom is probably my most honest, but protective friend and I'm so glad I can have such a fab platonic friendship with a member of the opposite sex. I usually rely on Court and Tom for advice. Haley who I've featured on here is also such a great person. I feel like I can't gross her out and she's so incredibly laidback and fun to be around. She's the type of person to try anything and we have pretty much the same taste in music. We're constantly fools dancing around and I feel not so old and uptight around her. Tieka has been a friend of mine since I was 19 and she's just as disgusting as I am. We both grew up with mostly guy friends and we both have that kind of mentality where we don't get caught up in drama. Us with our matching hairy legs--we're a match made in friendship heaven. Blogging has helped me meet new people and make new friends though. I've been able to actually meet and make friends with girls I absolutely love like Kim and Melissa of Crowded Closet and go as far as book a trip to Philly to see them (next week!!)

So I really wanted a hat and although it's tough to fit anything on top of my head with my hair, I bought this hat recently despite these struggles to keep a hat on my head.
[liquid leggings by rachel rachel roy, oxfords by aldo, hat by bdg, leather jacket by for joseph]