we were walkin' downtown...

Today I feel back to normal! No longer sicky! Tieka and I got together for lunch at the Olive Garden and then took some pictures in downtown Muskegon. I absolutely love photographing Tieka. Everything she does is so cute and she doesn't just stand there. She moves around and is a photographer's dream. She's just a natural in front of the camera. We then took some video of each other walking around and being silly. I think she's going to make a video out of it haha can't wait to see it! I was dressed a bit fancy today, but I've been wearing sweatpants almost all day everyday, so I decided to wear a comfy skirt and one of my newer purchases--a fabulous shirt with shoulder pads. The skirt is so versatile and it will go with nearly anything I own. Click here to see how I wore it the last time.


[Skirt by Ecote, shouldered padded top by Zara, belt by Kimchi & Blue, tights from Target, socks from Target, boots by Deena & Ozzy]




I love Tieka, so I'm adding some photos of her too. She'll have more up soon on her blog as well!