light sensitivity

My eyes are so sensitive to light. Even when it's cloudy, I'm continually squinting. Hence, half closed eyes in a majority of the photos below. I was so pumped to wear these new pants to work today. I'm obviously enjoying this style and the roominess in them. While I got weird looks from my boss and the highest pitch laugh ever from my friend Tom who photographed me, I am still obsessed and plan to wear these very often. That's why I like living in the midwest. I can wear things that are not all that crazy and people are blown away (in good and bad ways I've discovered.)

T minus 1.5 days until Tieka gets here! I miss her!

[t shirt by t by alexander wang, pants by american apparel, belt by ecote, boots by deena & ozzy]
Who the hells know why I was making that face in that photo.