last date.

wiley wears:

tunic: borrowed from jill
jeans: bdg
belt: anthropologie
bomber: target
bag: longchamp
t-straps: uo
     i feel so at peace right about now.  i'm snuggled on the sofa, between our sleepy fluffy cat and the man i love.  no better way to end a sunday.  i've picked out a killer outfit for every day this week and have them all orgainzed for the week ahead.  this, my friends, is a feeling that cannot be beat.  i encourage you to set aside a half hour on sunday night to pick out your outifts for the week ahead.  it really is an incredible feeling.
     i wore the above outfit on a date with jeb last night.  jeb leaves on an eight day trip to san francisco at the end of the week, so we wanted to get one big date in before he case the week becomes too busy.  i wanted to wear something perfectly casual and something comfortable enough to support a belly full of delicious barbeque.  this outfit did the trick.  i pulled my red beaded belt from the back of the closet and thought it would be perfect way to bring some color into the outfit.
i hope everyone had a peaceful and lovely weekend.