I snapped a few photos yesterday for Kie&Kate's new e-newsletter and Kati, my new boss lady, is oh so stylish. Since we've been so busy, we didn't really have time to head to one of the cute alleys in downtown Elmhurst as I had originally planned, but there will be plenty of opportunity in the future. I'm just brimming with photography ideas along with marketing/social media plans. It's amazing how creative and how energetic I can be when it comes to something I absolutely love doing. I know down the road maybe some of this stuff won't sound as exciting, but for now, mini photo shoots, social media, visiting boutiques and buying clothing/accessories to sell all while being in such a great environment sound like fun, not work to me! Right now, I'm learning the ropes from Kati as I learn who her clients are and how to buy for them and learning all that fashion/retail jargon!
[sweater, bracelets and ring from kie&kate, gifted vintage fur vest, necklace from kitson]
Kate with her four year-old daughter, Kiely.