Buenvenidos a Miami!

Prior to visiting Miami, I envisioned hot vigilantes like Dexter slinking around and catching Michael Westen-like characters  performing covert operations. I watch too much t.v. In case you didn't see earlier posts, I went on a week vacation including three days in Miami and a four day Caribbean cruise. 
The first day was spent soaking up the sun and both my innate curiosity and need to shop led to Monica and  me walking six miles round trip to locate the shopping area in South Beach where plenty of people asked, "So where are you from?" Apparently, no one is from Miami and I wondered how they spotted us, the tourists, so easily. After uploading these photos, I came to the quick realization of how pale I was and how I must have stuck out among the bronzed, hot bodies surrounding me!
It was difficult for me to pack for the cruise beyond this first outfit I wore boarding the ship. I usually have issues dressing for warmer weather, but I was happy and comfortable with this striped tank, which I tied and paired with a pair of high waist denim shorts. 
[top from Papaya, shorts from Urban Outfitters, sandals by F21 and sunglasses by Rayban]
Monica, my partner in crime, wore so many fabulous printed frocks throughout the week
The hotel we stayed at the first night.
(Ship photo from the port in Cozumel)
We found an anchor at the mini golf area on top of the cruise ship. So fitting with my outfit!
Monica, Rachael and Katie

The guys took advantage of all the cutesy, frozen drinks available
The cruise went to Key West and Cozumel, but Key West was the highlight of my trip. We signed up for a morning bar crawl that began promptly at 10 a.m. By 11 a.m., I was skipping around town with my frozen alcoholic beverage and calling/bothering my mom while she was at work and making friends with locals and their cute dogs. More photos from Cozumel and our last couple days in Miami will come later in the week!

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