7 Things About Me: The Stupid School Years

Kristina of Pretty Shiny Sparkly tagged me in this post and because I find reading others' answers so entertaining, I thought I might provide that same entertainment for you. Warning: TMI.

1. I grew up showing horses and my mother often forced to compete in shows or classes I wanted absolutely nothing to do with. Take for example the costume class. My first year showing my pony, Jesse James, my mother outfitted me in my brother's clothes and painted on freckles to make me look like Christopher Robin (I just looked stupid) and dyed my pony's body blue to be Eeyore. Jesse did not like this. He ended up rolling around in the dirt and I fought to get him off the ground as observers watched. I used to get embarrassed quite easily so naturally I made a bigger scene and started crying, dragging my pony back to the barn at the fairgrounds. This fiasco ended with my hand getting stuck in the stall door and getting rushed to the ER. 

2. I pooped my pants the first time I tried to snowboard in the fifth grade. That was the last time I tried snowboarding.

3. I was an artsy, super shy kid growing up. Since I was so shy, I often took my dog on picnics with me where I'd talk her ear off and photograph her with my Polaroid camera. When I wasn't busy courting my dog, I could be found working on charcoal drawings or watercolor paintings. If you lived in Muskegon during the early 90s I'm sure you witnessed the magnificent works of art that hung up in Wendy's restaurants as mine were always featured. I was so proud.

4. I dumped my first boyfriend, Ronnie, over his family's answering machine at the end of my sixth grade year.

5. Karma is a bitch. Right before my first dance in the 7th grade I was dating the hottest guy in junior high, Ryan and I had the coolest outfit picked out from Old Navy--a green button up and khakis. He ended up dumping me right before the dance, but I still showed up only to be humiliated that he chose a beast of an 8th grader to date instead of me and that I was wearing the same outfit as my homeroom teacher who was chaperoning the dance.

6. My first kiss was in eighth grade with a boy named Keith I had a huge crush on. I was weirded out by the experience and shouted "ew!" afterward. As embarrassed as both of us were, somehow everyone found out about it and people would shout "ew!" at me in the hallways and in class.

7. In eighth grade, my friend Sam and I decided to steal my mom's car. We went joyriding at 2 a.m. and because the horn didn't work and cell phones weren't available for our use yet, we dropped things like pen caps into people's mailboxes to prove we were out late driving.